Challenges in the Development of Blockchain Finance

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Journal Title: Cyber Law Reporter
Author(s): Junhe Hu
Published On: 05/03/2024
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
First Page: 38
Last Page: 44
ISSN: 2583-7060
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Junhe Hu, Challenges in the Development of Blockchain Finance, Volume 3 Issue 1, Cyber Law Reporter, pp 38-44, Published on 05/03/2024, Available at


The development of digital technology is promoting profound changes in the financial field, and blockchain, as the pioneer of this change, is becoming a powerful tool to solve traditional financial problems with its decentralization and automation, and is gradually finding applications in the fields of banking, insurance, securities and credit information. As an emerging technology, the application of blockchain in the financial field faces both the risks of the technology itself and the challenges of the institutional level. In order to address these challenges, it is necessary to improve the blockchain financial regulatory system, which includes updating the regulatory concept, broadening the scope of supervision, and improving the regulatory mechanism.

Keywords: Blockchain Finance, Financial Technology, Financial Risk

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